Education Management System

Padhshala - is one of the leading Education Management Software in Bangladesh. It helps to get benefitted to management, administration, parents, teachers and students together on a common interactive platform thereby helps to building a solid school community.

This online education management system also includes a whole range of activities such as incorporating different rules of an education system and taking care of diverse needs coming from different standards emerging in education such as boards, grades, government standards and compliances. Yet another advantage of this “Padhshala” is that it easily fits in the budget of schools.

Major Modules:

  • Student Admission
  • Students Information
  • Guardian Information
  • Teacher Information
  • Student Attendance
  • School Accounts
  • Fees Collection
  • Voucher/Voucher List
  • Income/Expense List
  • Transactional Reports
  • SMS Service
  • Absent SMS
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Car Loan Management System

Car Loan Management System is develop for ministry of defence, Government republic of Bangladesh. Taking car loan from ministry of defence must go through this system.

Through this sytem eligible candidates can apply for car loan. Then the application will be verified and approved by higher authority.

This software will maintain the loan refund management and monthly installment. Authority and Applicants can easily track there payment history, pending status and many more.


  • Create Account
  • Loan application
  • Loan approval system
  • Monthly installment management
  • Payment history
  • Loan pending status
  • Service charge calculation
  • Summary report selling Xamarin Forms templates with beautiful UI and source code.

Xamarin Forms Chat App: Its a complete Chat App developed in Xamarin.Forms. It follows the MVVM pattern. This project includes C# serverside chathub implementation using SignalR. You can easily integrate this code to your existing or new project.

Xamarin Forms Basic App: This App provides a well defined project structure that needs for every xamarin forms application. It includes common pages that needs for every app like Login, Registration, Forgot Password, Profile list, Profile details and a navigation drawer page. It also includes service calls to get or post data from ms sql server


  • Xamarin Forms Template
  • Support android and iOS
  • Beautiful XAML UI
  • Structure with MVVM
  • All necessary basic UI
  • Easy to understand the code

Android, iOS Chat Apps

This chat apps is a xamarin forms template for android and iOS. This template contains with beautiful UI with complete source code.

In any xamarin forms app, this chat functionality can easily integrate where members can chat with each other. It includes all basic chat functionalities along with local notifications and showing typing indication.


  • Support for Android & iOS
  • Structured with MVVM Pattern
  • Well defined xaml and c# code
  • Monthly installment management
  • Server side chathub code
  • Local notifications
  • Showing typing indication
  • Registration page
  • Login page
  • Fortgot password page
  • Online chat user list page
  • Chatting page
  • Navigation drawer page

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Quran Learning Apps

Quran Learning Apps provides comprehensive lessons that covers from very basic topics to advanced lessons from child to adults.

making this app suitable for learners at all levels: whether you don’t know at all how to recite the Quran, or you could recite but want to improve your tajweed and makhraj.

Learn Quran is designed such a way so that you can study by yourself. It is developed with high concern for quality. Our mission is giving the ummah the best tool to learn reciting the Quran!

HappNow - Event Notifier

HappNow is a geographical pre-set mobile App aimed at informing and notifying the users of the happening around their current and pre-set locations.

The user chooses three (3) pre-set locations (zip codes) to be informed of the happenings around those locations. Users of HappNow mobile App are the ones to type and send information/notifications

All users of the App within the pre-set location get the message in form of pop-up notifications. The users of HappNow don’t need to be a friend or follow somebody to get the notifications. The notifications are location based, once a user download and pre-set its location. Such information may include but not excluded to: events happening in the area, fire outbreaks, traffic, local festivals, exhibits, shows, concerts or food.

Currently this app is running only for US locations